Why as ‘Prospective Candidate’?

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As you look at my Facebook and Web Page at the moment you will notice that I’m not yet spruiking myself as a candidate. And for some of you who care about local governance who may be asking why, this post is just for you.

You see, I am a socially responsible person and therefore am currently honouring my obligation to engage in mandatory 14 day isolation. You see, on the basis that the border between New South Wales (NSW) and South Australia were planned to be opened on 20 July 2020, myself and seven children went camping including crossing into outback NSW, not too far from our border.

Yes, you read that right, me alone with seven children. If you are going to read anything into that, it shows that I am the kind of person that is not scared of a challenge. We prepared accordingly, of course.

Picture of Kristy sitting in the window frame of building ruins with her two youngest children
Kristy Wagner and children at the Milparinka Post Office ruins.

Our goal was to reach Cameron’s Corner (the meeting point of the Queensland, NSW and South Australian borders) and the safest route meant making that crossing. We travelled from Broken Hill to the gold-mining ghost town of Milparinka and then up to the far reaches of Sturt National Park to the corner. Yes, me with seven children – we did it!!

Whilst we were travelling the game changed whenit came to border protection because of coronavirus cases in urbanised NSW. We simply got caught in the change of circumstances.

I am not resentful that I have had to stay home, alone with seven kids 24/7 for a further 14 days. (Though, I will celebrate getting us all out and about again!) Isolation is an inevitable risk that comes with travel during this time. What is perhaps most important, is that I acknowledge the experience that in knowing, for myself, how low-risk our travel was that I respect and appreciate why this period of isolation is absolutely necessary in ensuring we protect the people we love and care about in our community.

So, please expect to find more details about my nomination in the coming week. In the mean time, you know exactly where I’ll be – at home where I should be.

Prospective Candidate for Mid Coast Ward

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