Unsafe Transit

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You’d think over the last twenty years that more might have been done to ensure safe for travel routes for residents in our areas that are returning home after alighting public transport. Surely it makes sense, right, that a person should have the safety of a lit, solid path to get home from a bus stop?

For local residents in Mid Coast Ward there are several locations where this isn’t the case. One such example is the stops on River road which lack both. The last time any spending on infrastructure for the bus stops 76A and 76B was in 2016 (PDF of minutes is here) and since that time there has been no expenditure to increase safe passage from them.

They are not alone. Our entire Council region has plenty of generally unsafe bus stops that should be looked at. This is also quite visible in routes through the hills areas of our council such as is along Chandler’s Hill Road.

In liaison with our state’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure we should have a plan to rectify this problem which, at it presently exists, puts local safety at risk.

A vote for me as a candidate for Mid Coast Ward is a vote for the safety for you and the wider community of the City of Onkaparinga.

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