Professional Speaking

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Kristy has been invited to speak on may occasions in respect to her expertise in management within the technology industry. Of course, with the growing responsibilities of family life, Kristy does this far less often and only by personal request now.

Some key events at which she has spoken include:

Systems Administrators Guild Conference 2008

Capturing Competitive Advantage: What your Clients Need to Hear

Open Source Developers Conference 2007

This talk initially looks at what competitive advantage looks like in the IT industry and what some of ‘fringe benefits’ of this rare gem are. The rest of the talk is an exploration of the philosophy that is the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) industry in light of the many ‘Free as in Freedom / Free as in Free Beer’ talks that have been presented in recent times. Based on many discussions that have occurred around LUG meetings and Linux and Open Source conferences you will see what you say about Open Source each day in peer discussion transformed to what your clients want and need to hear when you give your pitch.

FOSS has a huge amount to offer globally and when it comes to business it certainly has the potential to give both you and your clients ‘the edge’. This potential does have its limitations, which is primarily in your ability to sell FOSS advantages in the words that your clients need to hear. This talk will help you establish the competitive advantage that your business needs!