‘Mutant’ Chinese Elms

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It’s a battle that has spanned years and years now. Chinese Elms are known as being invasive and a known cause of structural damage from footpaths to housing slabs.

Worse still, in Noarlunga Downs’ ‘The Point’ and Seaford there appears to have been what has been labelled ‘mutant’ varieties which spawn from dropped leaves at hundreds of times the rate than normally occurs. The small super-fine leaves traveling considerable distances also in the wind. This propagates the problem – literally!!

A long historical battle has had the trees removed from the Council’s tree planting list but not before all their remaining stock was planted in vicinity to Colonnades Shopping Centre. But what now for those streets stuck with those trees and for the wider areas that are affected by the fine leaf litter and the new plants they spawn?

Last we heard, two years ago before the last election, was that the Council was willing to bear the cost of maintenance across the lifespan of the trees but with threats from some members of the community to sue the Council of they do not remedy the problem by removing the trees, maybe it’s time to revisit the cost of replacement now versus the cost of keeping them over the remaining expected lifespan of the trees in these areas.

As your local candidate, with your vote, I am committed to seeking an appropriate resolution to this problem on behalf of residents in both Mid Coast and South Coast Wards.

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