Local Business

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A vote for me, Kristy Wagner, is a vote for local business.

Until very recently I have had the privilege of both living and working within the City of Onkaparinga. As someone with expertise in helping businesses develop their profitability and to grow it had been a real privilege to work just minutes from home in Lonsdale.

Over the years that we waited for Holden to shut their doors with the media hounding the State government for what they were going to do, locally I watched as just as many jobs disappeared from our local area but in fits and bursts as a continuous stream of local small businesses, predominantly in Lonsdale, closed their doors. We have lost so much but we have opportunities to turn that around and restore local business and link them with the support they need to flourish. Of course, from that local jobs follow – something our community desperately needs.

I currently work just outside of our Council area, in the City of Marion. Not long before my engagement my employer had moved his business operations out of our local area down the hill. In his view, there simply were not enough benefits to staying local for his business. This is a perception, as a Council, we need to address and I am committed to advocating for developing business presence in our area.

A vote for Kristy Wagner is a vote for local business.