Just for Me

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Yes, I write just for me too!

My personal writing is located in one of two places on the internet.

Personal Opinion Pieces

Personal opinion pieces that I choose to publish are put through the media channel known as SteemIt.  I have my own channel which you can visit.  SteemIt is an online sharing community where authors are paid for their pieces based on their ‘likes’ which means quality writing, without media spin, is rewarded.

Disclaimer: Although I attempt to write without bias and in my community interest I must declare that I am an active member of the Liberal Party.  Don’t judge me on that though!  I am of the age that will be the bringers of generational change within the party so watch this space!

Life, Family, Doing Blended Family Life and Parenting

All that hard work that no one else ever notices.  Yes, we (Jeremy and I) sometimes find a moment to breathe and after that we may even find time to write a blog post for the Clarke Tribe blog.  It is a hard juggling act but when we can we like to share how we hold our little family (haha) together through the fun times but most importantly through the challenging times.  You can also follow the Clarke Tribe action on Facebook.