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Finding your own voice.  It is hard work.  I find myself clearing my throat before I write.  Is it just me or do you find yourself doing that too?

I know there have been seasons where I have struggled to find the words.  Emotional stressors can have a massive impact on your ability to write copy, I know.  I have been there.  Then, for some, writing, blogging, vlogging and voice casting simply isn’t something that comes naturally. So, asking someone to write your copy can be so much easier for your blog, community group or business when you find yourself in Struggletown.

I have a few key areas where I can help you with your copy today.

Health and Technology Writing Services

With two diverse, yet parallel technical fields to source copy in, you can source the writing you need for your business.  Even if your business doesn’t operate in the technology or health domains, your business is impacted by the functions of these industries in one way or another.  So, get in an expert to write about it for you.  Fill the gaps in you copy needs by thinking ‘outside the box’ to discuss the health and welfare for your employees or clients, discuss the impact of technology on your client’s ability to meet their goals in life.  The opportunities are endless.

Personal Accounts

Need a personal account of a life experience that relates to your business offering?  Kristy is a candid writer of most things in her life and is open and honest in sharing her experiences with others.  This also applies to product reviews.

Just contact Kristy

Need something now?  Not sure, but wonder if it might be useful to get some copy written?  Just ask Kristy.