Community Engagement

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Kristy is passionate about building better communities. With a passion and heart for all people, Kristy spends much of her spare time networking and linking people, services and businesses together for the benefit of the local community. She does also maintain her own volunteer commitments.

Current Engagements

The Cove FC

Welfare Officer
A nominated role for parents and coaches to discuss any welfare concerns for players involved in the club or their families. With a role to listen without judgement to support families in a positive way through the wider club community. Yes, it comes with mandated reporting responsibilities alike similar roles in the community.

SA Ambulance Service

Kristy is one of over 1400 volunteers who make up the country volunteer teams for SA Ambulance Service. You can find out more about becoming a volunteer on the SA Ambulance Service web site.

Liberal Party of Australia (SA Division)

Secretary, Kingston FEC & Representative to the State Council
Kristy is an active member of the Liberal party and is keen to support lasting change to improve health care, create sustainable employment opportunities and to facilitate positive social change for our community.