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Unsafe Transit

You’d think over the last twenty years that more might have been done to ensure safe for travel routes for residents in our areas that are returning home after alighting public transport. Surely it makes sense, right, that a person should have the safety of a lit, solid path to get home from a bus stop?

For local residents in Mid Coast Ward there are several locations where this isn’t the case. One such example is the stops on River road which lack both. The last time any spending on infrastructure for the bus stops 76A and 76B was in 2016 (PDF of minutes is here) and since that time there has been no expenditure to increase safe passage from them.

They are not alone. Our entire Council region has plenty of generally unsafe bus stops that should be looked at. This is also quite visible in routes through the hills areas of our council such as is along Chandler’s Hill Road.

In liaison with our state’s Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure we should have a plan to rectify this problem which, at it presently exists, puts local safety at risk.

A vote for me as a candidate for Mid Coast Ward is a vote for the safety for you and the wider community of the City of Onkaparinga.

‘Mutant’ Chinese Elms

It’s a battle that has spanned years and years now. Chinese Elms are known as being invasive and a known cause of structural damage from footpaths to housing slabs.

Worse still, in Noarlunga Downs’ ‘The Point’ and Seaford there appears to have been what has been labelled ‘mutant’ varieties which spawn from dropped leaves at hundreds of times the rate than normally occurs. The small super-fine leaves traveling considerable distances also in the wind. This propagates the problem – literally!!

A long historical battle has had the trees removed from the Council’s tree planting list but not before all their remaining stock was planted in vicinity to Colonnades Shopping Centre. But what now for those streets stuck with those trees and for the wider areas that are affected by the fine leaf litter and the new plants they spawn?

Last we heard, two years ago before the last election, was that the Council was willing to bear the cost of maintenance across the lifespan of the trees but with threats from some members of the community to sue the Council of they do not remedy the problem by removing the trees, maybe it’s time to revisit the cost of replacement now versus the cost of keeping them over the remaining expected lifespan of the trees in these areas.

As your local candidate, with your vote, I am committed to seeking an appropriate resolution to this problem on behalf of residents in both Mid Coast and South Coast Wards.

Tormorrow: EPA Community Consultation


2-8pm Thursday 30 July 2020

PFAS = Polyfluoroalkyl Substances

Did you know that the EPA is considering allowing storage of PFAS-contaminated waste in McLaren Vale?

All of our Council region benefits from the tourism generated from this area and I cannot fathom why anyone would support such a notion when it puts our branding as a quality wine region on the line. And it’s not just our wines. Our region has many local food artisans which pride themselves on untainted produce. This proposal is not in the interests of our community from both a safety or an enconomic point of view.

What is PFAS anyway?

Chemicals under the umbrella name of PFAS have only recently been identified as a health risk. You may have heard of PFAS in recent years with concerns where this chemical type had been used as a fire suppressant and impacts of housing near training facilities where these were used?

What makes it risky?

PFAS compounds easily dissolve in water, making it likely that any leaching or accidental leaking from the facility would impact surrounding ground water resources. This gives rise to concern for our local environment, our local agriculture, viticulture and food businesses and our tourism economy.

What are the risks?

At this stage, we do not know the full extent of the long-term effects of these chemicals on the environment or for us individually. What we do know is that it does create significant risks in exposed populations, some requiring futher research to fully understand the extent, including:- increased cholesterol among exposed populations, – low infant birth weights,- immune system impacts,- cancer (for PFOA),- and thyroid hormone disruption (for PFOS). Aside from the potential safety aspects, the City of Onkaparinga and the entire state gain huge economic benefits from McLaren Vale’s branding and reputation as a sustainable wine region.The perception alone of storage of PFAS contaminated material within 500 metres of the closest vineyards is very likely to undermine decades of promotion for the region, and negatively impact our international reputation for ‘clean and green’ produce.

Why hadn’t I heard about it before now?

Well, as a result of not being able to have large public meetings the EPA have managed to by-pass our usually passionate community who tends to come together to discuss and debate such a proposal and to corporately advocate for the best interests of our area.Despite recieving over 100 submissions from members of the community it appears that the EPA is planning to steam roll the community. They have already commenced construction on the planned site!I agree with our Mayor, Erin Thompson, that, “The strong community opposition to this proposal should not be ignored.”

What can I do?

  1. Right now, it’s time to arm yourself with further information. The EPA is holding a community information session this Thursday 30 July, 2-8pm. Please take the time, if you can, to attend and find out more.
  2. Be prepared to hear more about this also in coming weeks.
  3. If you are so motivated, you may be interested in signing the petition for ‘No PFAS’. Please note that this petition is administered by Leon Bignell M.P. and any questions regarding the use of your personal information relating to this petition should be directed to his office (as no detail has been provided in the petition details).

I am bitterly disappointed that I cannot be there myself but will be send someone to attend in proxy.