About Kristy

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Kristy Wagner is a Casual Academic at Flinders University.  Currently taking 2016 off from classroom teaching to pursue some more specialist study, Kristy is actively working towards her phD in the combined fields of Medical Science, Information Technology and Digital Health.

This is an exciting pathway to be heading on as I ride the wave of an emergent industry.  My goal is to leave a legacy and my hope is that my research will save more lives than I could in a lifetime of working with the ambulance service.

…and when asked why she is so confident:

For many years I wondered how the jigsaw of my life fitted together.  As a young person I had a passion for health but once married I pursued administration and technology working my way into the area of data analysis in Canberra.  In the rediscovery of singlehood, I reclaimed my passion for health and paramedicine but missed analytics dearly.  The study and research pathway that has been facilitated through Flinders University gives me an academic pathway that pulls together every trade skill I have learnt in my career and gives it all a purpose.

Kristy is, like any mature age student, resourceful and knowledgeable and brings a real practical edge to her studies as well as in her teaching engagements.  She is a lover of life and thoroughly enjoys tech-free downtime with handcrafts, reading, and outdoor recreation being high on her list.