Supporting the Business Owner

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Upscaling your business is hard work, or rather, keeping up with the to-do list once you have started upscaling is incredibly hard work. And it is often hard to get the help needed before things start slipping. If you feel like they are, then you need to contact me today.

I am your Corporate Right Hand

As your corporate right hand, it is my job to get your business back at full pace. I catch those things that are falling off your list, catch them up and put the systems, staff or supplier in place to keep them in check for you into the future. If it is to be handled ‘in house’ I will write your procedures for you and provide any required training too if you need. If it is outsourced I will prepare your briefing documents and negotiate your service level agreement for your too.

I am your Whole of Business Coach

From time to time it is nice to have someone who is batting for you inside your organisation just to ensure that things are progressing smoothly. With one on one support to help you personally enact your strategic business I am your resource to help your leadership and staff continue moving with the times in the smoothest possible way.

Coaching senior staff in managing their workloads and life balance. Developing their skills in identifying and implementing opportunities for innovation. Working with all staff in career planning and progression and helping their organisation set staff up for a positive workplace experience and career. Stepping out of the day to day, I provide the corporate ‘tune up’ so that things keep kicking along well for you.

I am your Corporate Mirror and Magnifying Glass

The pressure can be really on when you are the top of your organisation, making good decisions is dependant on good information and sometimes the information on your desk is a mismatch to your gut instinct. As your external confidential support, I can be the person you can bounce your thoughts and plans off to get those difficult ‘are you confident in your plans and decisions’ questions. Often, it’s just what you need to be confident in your actions.

Contact me now to book a free, confidential 1 hour discussion of your needs.